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                Technology enlightens life




                VARTAbatteries are powered by Johnson Controls Power Solutions, original from Germanyin 1888, the global leader in lead acid and advanced batteries forconventional, Start-Stop, hybrid and electric vehicles, and the first companyto produce Lithium-ion batteries for mass-production hybrid vehicles. Today,millions of people around the world rely on our innovative products.

                JohnsonControls Power Solutions is the biggest battery manufacturer in the world, theyproduced more than 120 million sets lead acid batteries in 2010, It got 36%market shares in the world with US $ 4 billion sales amount.

                Product Information Downloads

                VARTAis the truly totally-enclosed and maintenance free battery, acid-proofing and anti-explosion,superior performance and more reliable. With the new Power Frame technology andfurther improve the starting performance and working life.

                +66%:Stands for the durability and anti-corrosionfor the Power Frame grid is 66% higher than other grids.

                +70%: Stands for the excellent start performance for the Power Framegrid, the current is 70% higher than other grids.

                -20%: Stands for the energy conversation for the Power Framegrid, it will be decreased about 20% discharge for the greenhouse gases.