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                Technology enlightens life


                • 2008

                  Shenzhen Haiway Founded

                • 2010

                  Became An Authorization Business Agent of DSE

                • 2011

                  Established Nine-Year Strategic Plan of “Foundation, Development, Leap”

                • 2012

                  Became the World’s Biggest Agent of DSE

                • 2014

                  Became the Authorization Business Agent of VARTA

                • 2015

                  Became a Sole Agent of DSE in Greater China

                • 2016

                  Set Enterprise Vision of “Technology Enlightens Life”

                • 2017

                  Established NRMM Department Expanding into Off-Highway Machinery Field

                • 2018

                  Moved into a New Office when 10th Anniversary Restart and Create Better future

                • 2019

                  The Board of DSE Visited Haiway for Further Cooperation

                • 2020

                  BLUEDRILL (Shenzhen) Founded

                • 2021

                  Issued an Upgraded Enterprise Culture

                ? Integrity

                ? Customer Success

                ? Innovation

                ? Win-win

                OUR PARTNERS